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Painting and internal copper emi shielding of box housing for medical industry

Painting and Internal Copper EMI Shielding of Box Housing for Medical Industry
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Painting and Internal Copper EMI Shielding of Box Housing for Medical Industry

Our technical ability to satisfy the toughest finishing requirements brings many clients to Plastisol Products. We painted the plastic molded box housing shown here for a customer in the medical industry. Our challenge was to combine EMI shielding and decorative paint in multiple layers over the entire geometry while achieving a near flawless appearance.

After media blasting to achieve the appropriate pre-coat surface profile, we applied a shielding copper paint, taking extreme precautions not to permit any excessive build up around the edges while also maintaining the non-flat surface geometries on both the interior and exterior. We followed that with a light blue paint layer to provide the desired visual appearance. Since EMI shielding effectiveness is a function of paint thickness and uniformity, it was acutely important for us to develop and maintain strict process parameters. We utilized various test methods, including decay rub and cross hatching, to determine that the coating was effectively bonded to the plastic substrate.

We successfully completed this job with the given time constraints. If you are interested in learning more about this project or the processes we used to produce it, contact us today.

Painting and emi shielding of Plastic Molded housing Highlights

Product Description
Painted Plastic Molded Box Housing
Capabilities Applied/Processes

  • Media Blast
  • Masking
Overall Part Dimensions
8" X 8" X 16" X .375"
Tightest Tolerances
*Paint Requirements
No excessive paint build-up allowed on edges
Material Used
Material Finish
Color: Copper / Light Blue
In process testing/inspection performed
Visual Inspection, Decay Rub, Cross Hatch
Industry for Use
3 - 5 Business Days
Delivery/Turnaround Time
25 Business Days
Delivery Location
Central Midwest Region
Standards Met
Customer Specifications