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Liquid Painted Center Bore Cover for the Medical Industry

Liquid Painted Center Bore Cover for the Medical Industry
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Liquid Painted Center Bore Cover for the Medical Industry

Our agility and expertise for painting molded plastic parts for the medical industry is exemplified by this center bore cover, which we at Plastisol Products processed for use in an MRI machine. This workpiece featured dimensions of 35" in diameter x 12" in depth with wall thickness of .375". Process steps included surface preparation, masking, and application of a medical grade liquid white paint that would dry with a textured surface. We used several different quality assurance tests, including a cross-hatch test, which involved using a special tool to cut a right angle lattice pattern into the coating, penetrating all the way to the substrate, to measure adhesion strength.

We ensured this cover would remain useful for an extended service life in an expensive piece of medical equipment by using paint compatible with the substrate and applying it at a uniform thickness. We currently process them at the rate of 25 units on a monthly basis. Because we document, track, and monitor our processes with exceptional detail, our customer is assured of repeatable high quality on each lot.

To learn more about these extensive coating capabilities, contact us today.

liquid Painted Center Bore Cover Highlights

Product Description
Center Bore Cover of an MRI Machine
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Surface Prep
Overall Part Dimensions
35" OD X 12" Deep X .375"
Material Used
Liquid Paint
Material Finish
White Texture
In process testing/inspection performed
Mil Thickness, Decay Rub, Cross Hatch
Industry for Use
Delivery/Turnaround Time
3-5 Business Days
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing